We believe that through their stories of success, the talented and passionate people featured on our show can help us find the strength we need to pursue our dreams. We can get inspired by their ambition and ability to believe in themselves and learn that working hard can make our dreams come true.

“But how do they do it?” you might wonder. You can find out about Anna’s journey to success today. Here’s why you should hear her story.

Ever since she was a little girl, Anna had the courage to dream big. “When I was 6, I told my mom that I was going to move to the US. And here I am! Dreams do come true!” – says Anna.

But you’re probably thinking “don’t we all have big dreams when we’re kids?” Most of us probably do, but the key to make our dreams happen is to never stop believing in them and do something to get closer to them every single day.

Getting to live in our day to day society, our passions are often being swallowed by daily routines, and the financial and social pressure can easily take a toll on us. Our dreams begin to slowly fade away and, in no time, we might even forget about their existence. But Anna’s dream never ceased to exist. She always knew what she wanted and was prepared to do everything it takes to make that happen.

Born in Russia, she relocated to the U.S. in order to make her story happen. She had to start her life from scratch.  The tremendous effort of beginning a new life can easily become overwhelming, but her ambition and passion never failed her. She gave herself a year to settle down and find ways to start using her talent.

The same year that gave her the chance to achieve her childhood dream, was also the hardest for Anna. But now, years later, the passionate achiever is really grateful for that experience and is very happy that she decided to stay.

Her creativity and passion towards fashion triumphed through hard work and perseverance, and little six year old Anna grew up to live the life she always dreamt of.

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