Entrepreneurship 101 Book Club

Entrepreneurship 101 Book Club exists to create a culture of people who discuss applicable actions they can use right now in their business and have a dialogue about what experience they gain. We grow together, hold each other accountable and build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

This book club is a partnership between Creative Muscle Studios, Fresh Start Cherokee and The Circuit and led by Greg Patten, a valued member of The Circuit.

Entrepreneurship 101 Book Club is different from any other book club you’ve ever been to because we don’t just read and discuss business books, but we focus on application and action. We meet every other week. Each book is discussed during two meetings. Between these two meetings, we pair everyone up with their accountability partner. You meet with your partner once to learn more about each other, share how you both apply what you have learned from the book and hold each other accountable.

Meetings: The Circuit at 1 Innovation Way, Woodstock, GA 30188

Online LIVE Stream: Coming Soon

Current Discussion: Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday

We will not have meetings until January 2019. Please check back with us later for the next meeting’s details.

Meanwhile, enjoy our little video on what to expect when you come to our Book Club!